Don Diego Santa Tequila

Tequila Don Diego SantaDon Diego Santa Tequila

A commitment to quality to produce the best

Produced only by the traditional and time-proven manner of slowly cooking the Blue Agave in small batches, one small batch at a time, in stainless steel pots. This is without question an expensive and time consuming process but is the only way to make the finest quality tequilas and the only way the tequilas of Tequila Don Diego Santa™ are made.

The Distillery
In 1943 a small tequila distillery with the name of Destilería Río de Plata was established in Guadalajara, Mexico. Creators of Tequila Don Diego Santa™, they introduce us to three authentic and traditionally styled tequilas, handcrafted using only small pot distillation.

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