Newburyport Brewing Company

Newburyport Brewing CompanyNewburyport Brewing Company
All of our beer styles are brewed with domestic and international premium base malts including Crisp Maris Otter, Franco Belge Pilsen, and specialty malts from Briess. The Maris Otter variety of barley has long been the favorite of the English brewers for its rich flavor which enables us to make American-style beers with an underlying English malt backbone. Our Pilsen malt gives our witbier that characteristically mild Belgian-style sweet taste and aroma found in other world-class Belgian beers. Rounded off with top-shelf loose hops including Citra, Topaz, Centennial, Amarillo and Cascade, each beer features a unique balance of hop tastes and aromas.

We brew great beer, play in an 8-piece funk band and love adventure. A few years ago while watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup we decided to share our passions with the world by creating the Newburyport Brewing Company. Our brand is based on three things… Using the best ingredients in the world to brew amazing beer, sharing Newburyport and its rich seaport history (the Coast Guard was founded here), and going on adventures with great beer in a can.

And music. We play it. We love it. And by the way, there’s a stage at our brewery for up and coming local bands to some of the world’s finest to jam.

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