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New York’s first organic beer company.

Smart Beer was inspired by our generation, our lifestyle. We work hard, live with purpose, work out, explore, create, dream big, strive to make a difference, celebrate life and share good times with friends.

Smart Beer is New York’s first organic beer company. We’re committed to brewing the purest organic beer for our modern lifestyle.

We believe in living life to the fullest and balancing healthy lifestyles with celebration. Smart Beer perfects that balance, bringing people together to celebrate with a beer they can feel good about drinking.

Let’s make a statement

Smart Beer founder, Gabriel Heymann splits his time between the Hudson Valley and Brooklyn, NY. He realized he needed a beer that he could enjoy without feeling like he compromised his health-conscious and active lifestyle. He thirsted for a beer that was made from sustainable ingredients and a brand that supported his social and environmental values. This thirst gave way to the concept of Smart Beer.

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