Twisted Cherries

Twisted CherriesTwisted Cherries is about growing up, yet staying youthful! As kids, the cherry on top of your sundae was the symbol of perfection. Now that you’re over 21, you still love your cherries…to add a “twist” of fun to a cocktail or indulgent treat.

About the Cherries: Grown in the USA, The Oregon Cherry Growers cooperative is made up of approximately 60 family-owned farms with multiple generations involved, somewhere between the orchards and the operating facilities.

About the Spirits: Perfect cherries deserve to be infused with the best spirits.

Twisted Cherries, “Original Cherry Bomb”: Not just a cherry, a perfect cherry…Premium cherries blended with premium Gin.

Twisted Cherries, “Balls of Fire”: ..A classic Natural flavored Whisky blended with natural cinnamon and Red Hot flavors giving the cherries an unforgaetable taste… great “Balls of Fire.”….

We hope you love the Twisted Cherries as much as we loved making them.

Twist Responsibly!

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