Badass Hard Cider Quite A Pear

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Badass Hard Cider Quite A Pear

A burst of ripe pears, apricots and orange blossoms on the nose gives way rich, fruity flavors in the mouth. Sweet––but not cloyingly so––and tart, it’s crisp and refreshing with a mouth-tingling effervescence.

BHC is a craft Cider produced in Washingtonville, NY at the Brotherhood Winery. Using only apples and pears from New York, our Cider stands alone in taste, nutritional content, and most of all, drinkability. Coming in at 5.5% abv, Badass has just enough “kick” to make for an enjoyable, session Cider. Badass is only available in draft for now, as we expect to have bottles out in late June/early July. Another flavor will be out soon as well so stay tuned!!!! “Cider will never be the same”

Badass Hard Cider Quite A Pear

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