Draft Barn Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Special

Draft Barn Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Special

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09/27/2019 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Draft Barn Beach Coney Island

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  • Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Specials at Draft Barn Beach Coney Island

    Join us September 27th for the Draft Barn Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Special! Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot for $20, $10 refills, and you keep the Boot!

    Draft Barn Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Special

    Warsteiner Oktoberfest Special Edition, celebrate German heritage with this authentic, German Specialty Beer.

    A truly German import brewed according to the German Purity Law, as are all Warsteiner beers, in limited quantities especially for Oktoberfest celebrations. This special edition has a well-balanced, mild and smooth taste with a uniquely soft, hoppy aftertaste and 5.9% alcohol. So bring a bit of Germany with you to your next Oktoberfest celebration and bring a Warsteiner Oktoberfest Special Edition.

    Our company only purchases and processes quality hops that meet our strict quality requirements. The special combination of bitter and aroma hops is unique and is a key component of the well balanced, mild-hoppy Oktoberfest Special Edition.

    The malt for our beer is manufactured from top-quality brewing barley cultivated from well-known German producing regions and from Champagne, which enjoy optimal climatic and soil conditions.
    The clear amber like color of WARSTEINER Oktoberfest Special Edition beer is obtained thanks to none other than the finest ingredients and an especially gentle, careful brewing process.

    Another top-quality attribute is the original and especially soft brewing water. This is obtained from the Kaiserquelle, among other sources. Albert Cramer Senior discovered the Kaiserquelle (‘Kaiser’s Spring’) at the edge of the Arnsberg Forest, close to the Waldpark brewery of today. With a water hardness of only one to two degrees, the water is especially suitable for brewing beer and contributes to the beer’s wholesomeness. The Kaiserquelle’s soft water, which still to this day feeds the Warsteiner Brewery’s water tanks, was crucial for the huge success of Warsteiner Pilsener, which was brewed from 1927 following the registration of water rights.

    Draft Barn Warsteiner Oktoberfest Boot Special, Friday, September 27th, 6-9pm.

    Draft Barn Beach
    3029 Stillwell Ave.
    Brooklyn, NY 11224
    (718) 484-0161

    Draft Barn is an outdoor beer garden centrally located by the beach, surrounded by the most visited attractions and thrill rides that vibrant Coney Island can offer. They proudly serves an ever expanding selection of craft brews from domestic breweries and from breweries all over the world.

    The kitchen features a unique selection of Hungarian and traditional German beer garden fare with a twist, such as our home style sausage selection, a wide variety of grabs for the table, beer croutons, pretzels, and our cheese bologna sandwich that will make you rethink the concept of a burger!

    Now you have one more good reason to visit Coney Island this summer. Let the fun and games begin. Come and get your tickets for the best ride in Coney Island.

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