Gordos Ice Cold MAGIC HAT #9 Night

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06/10/2016 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Gordo’s Restaurant

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Event Brand #9, Beer Tasting, Magic Hat, Oak Beverages

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  • Gordos Ice Cold MAGIC HAT #9 Night

    Join us at Gordo’s for ice cold MAGIC HAT #9

    June 10, 2016 @9pm

    Gordos Ice Cold MAGIC HAT #9 Night

    Not Quite Pale Ale®

    An ale whose mysterious and unusual palate will swirl across your tongue & ask more than it answers. Brewed clandestinely & given a name whose meaning is never revealed. Why #9®? Why indeed. A sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale, #9 is really impossible to describe because there’s never been anything else quite like it.

    The Magic Hat Brewery has been putting a performance into every bottle of beer since 1994. Today, the South Burlington, VT-based brewery puts out upwards of 175,000 barrels each year, and the brewing process, in all its strange and satisfying glory, has never been more accessible.

    Gordos Ice Cold MAGIC HAT #9 Night

    Gordo’s Restaurant

    415 Commerce Street, Hawthorne, NY 10532

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