McShanes Portchester | Guinness Nitro

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11/18/2015 | All Day

Mickey Spillane's Eastchester NY

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  • McShanes Portchester | Guinness Nitro Night

    11/18- McShanes Portchester

    mcshanes portchester

    123 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573
    (914) 937-7800

    Guinness Nitro IPA is indeed a real thing, and is launching stateside over the next few weeks. The Ireland based brewery best known for their nitrogen infused Irish dry stout simply called Guinness Draught.

    Guinness Nitro IPA, uses five hop varieties, namely Admiral, Celeia, Topaz, Challenger and Cascade to create this hop-forward offering.

    Guinness Nitro IPA is a part of The Brewer’s Project, an experimental side project for the brewers to have some fun. This recipe is the brainchild of Luis Ortega.

    Recently, Guinness Blonde, brewed in the United States, was introduced to the U.S. market.

    Guinness Nitro IPA is available in 6-packs of 11.2 ounce cans, that include the brewery’s “widget” nitrogen technology.

    Style: IPA
    Hops: Admiral, Celeia, Topaz, Challenger, Cacade
    Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft.
    Release: September, 2015

    5.8% ABV

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