FIFCO USA, Formerly Known As North American Breweries 2018 Sales Meeting

FIFCO USA, which was formerly known as North American Breweries, recently held its 2018 sales meeting in Buffalo, New York.

The Beer Connoisseur 2018-10-19 By Editorial Dept.

Buffalo, NY – FIFCO USA, formerly North American Breweries, recently held its 2018 national sales meeting in Buffalo, New York. FIFCO USA shared its 2019 business plans for its portfolio of beer and Beyond Beer alcoholic beverages that include top brands such as Labatt Blue, Labatt Blue Light, Seagram’s Escapes, Seagram’s Escapes Spiked, Genesee Beer, Magic Hat Brewing Company, and Pyramid Brewing Company. The meeting also included a preview of a new U.S. innovation brewery for Labatt USA, the Labatt Brew House, which is slated to open late fall below the company’s commercial headquarters in Buffalo, New York.

“There is tremendous excitement around FIFCO USA,” said FIFCO USA Chief Sales Officer Josh Halpern. “We’ve laid the groundwork to build great momentum. Next year, we will introduce new line extensions, brands and segments into the beverage alcohol industry that will transform our business. We are taking better advantage of our size and new, world-class brewing facility in Rochester to get new products into the marketplace faster and better than ever before. We’re excited about the commercial possibilities ahead.”

2018 National Sales Meeting News:

Seagram’s Escapes Celebrates Nine Years of Consecutive Growth:

Seagram’s Escapes flavored malt beverages celebrated nine years of consecutive growth in 2018. To build on the brand momentum, Seagram’s Escapes unveiled refreshed packaging and plans to launch five regional flavors in 2019. The brand will also partner with reality TV celebrity Cynthia Bailey for the national launch of the new Peach Bellini flavor, created in collaboration with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

The Magic Hat Brewing Company Expands Music Collaborations:

The Magic Hat brand introduced an expanded Music Collaboration Series featuring DropKick Murphys and two additional band partnerships. Magic Hat also plans to expand distribution of its award-winning Vermont innovation beers through a variety pack program. Flagship beer, Magic Hat #9, will celebrate its 25th birthday in 2019.

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