It’s THAT time of year: Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA

The hops are here. Start the Celebration!
Once we pick fresh hops, the clock starts ticking.

Every fall, we visit hop farms in the Pacific Northwest on a Celebration mission. We hand-select the best Cascades and Centennials, race the harvest home, and immediately brew Celebration to capture citrus, pine, and floral notes at their absolute peak.

And it’s a milestone year for Celebration: 40 years of fresh hop IPA. Its 1981 premiere blazed a path for the style and turned “holiday beer” on its head — all hops, no spice.

Plus, it’s now in cans! Each 6-pack looking festive like a gift ready to be opened.

Celebration is leaving our breweries, landing near you soon.

Brewers love Celebration season
And you thought you loved Celebration. Our brewers get downright giddy when it rolls around. Just look at that smile, come on.

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