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844 Dekalb Ave

United States

Bravo Supermarkets

Bravo Supermarkets
844 Dekalb Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11221
(718) 443-3700

With over 70 locations that span from New York all the way down to Florida, Bravo Supermarkets are neighborhood grocery stores that your family can depend on! Because all of our stores are independently owned and operated, we have the unique ability to truly cater to the needs of our communities, which is why no two Bravo Supermarkets are exactly alike! At Bravo you’ll find the products that are meant for the people who live in the neighborhood- stocked with a large assortment of specialty and international products, fresh meat,

We strive to become a responsible neighbor and active contributor in the communities we serve by sharing resources, having an active voice and providing outreach events that empower our local communities to excel. We are proud to support a variety of outreach events every year that help maintain the neighborhoods that we serve.

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