Fairway Market Pelham Manor

Fairway Market Pelham Manor

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847 Pelham Parkway
Pelham Manor

United States

Fairway Market Pelham Manor

Fairway Market Pelham Manor
Post Road Plaza
847 Pelham Parkway
Pelham Manor, NY 10803
(914) 712-0011


The history of Fairway started in 1933 with Nathan Glickberg. He founded a small fruit and vegetable stand simply to support his family.

In 1954, Nathan and his son, Leo, partnered to create the beginnings of the first store at 74th St. and Broadway. At this time they decided to rename the business and Leo’s wife (Cynthia) suggested using the name Fairway because her own father had successfully operated a business under that name. She felt it was a lucky name. In 1974, after having grown up learning the family trade, Leo’s son, Howie Glickberg, came into the business with a bigger dream and grander vision of growing Fairway. Howie inherited sawdust covered wooden floors, item racks supported by milk crates, and a square footage that only had room for four cash registers. With an extraordinary work ethic, Howie wasted no time looking for opportunities to expand, and soon Fairway lived up to its slogan “LIKE NO OTHER MARKET®,” which is a registered trademark of the company. He brought in two partners, Harold Seybert and David Sneddon, and together the three of them catapulted Fairway well beyond anything that Howie’s grandfather, Nathan, could have imagined.

What’s new at Fairway Market Pelham Manor

Despite rapid growth, the things that remain constant are the desire to keep Fairway Market as true to its entrepreneurial and customer-focused roots as possible, and to never lose sight of all of the things that make Fairway unique and special to millions of people each year: being the first to carry or import something new and delicious, sky-high piles of daily-delivered produce, a best of the best kosher selection, the freshest seafood, custom-cut USDA Prime meat from our Butcher Shop, an immense variety of organic and natural foods and products in every category, one-stop shopping with a full assortment of traditional groceries at fantastic values, the only market to roast hand-selected coffee beans of the highest quality on premises, an overall selection that all other grocery stores are absolutely envious of, and trained team members who are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about food.

Regarding our coffee operation, Howie was once asked how Fairway learned so much about it. Howie responded, “It’s like everything else we do in the store. Whenever we bring a new product into the store, or a new department into the store, we become experts at it.” And that just about sums it up.

Come in and walk the aisles yourself. Explore, take in the aromas of a fresh market place, sample and let the tastes linger on your palate as you decide the best way to fill up your cart. You’ll never return to sub-par food again.

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