Plan B 5 Star Dive Bar

Plan B 5 Star Dive Bar

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114 Orange Avenue

United States

Plan B 5 Star Dive Bar

Plan B 5 Star Dive Bar is your friendly neighborhood dive bar… well, more a Pub than a dive bar as we’re kind of a “community center” with an excellent beer selection, and food that you’ll find to be far above your expectations [we like to call ourselves the “5 Star Dive Bar”… but only you can decide if we’re truly worthy of that designation].

Suffern, NY’s 5 Star Dive Bar – best food in town, phenomenal Burgers, best Sunday Brunch in Rockland, and many interesting Entree options [with specials that change regularly]!!.

Folks ask about the name quite often… Fletcher, the owner, worked in a section of the music industry since the 70’s — unfortunately for him, that section of the industry died before he did which is why the restaurant is called “Plan B”.

Plan B 5 Star Dive Bar
114 Orange Avenue
Suffern, New York 10901
Telephone: 845-368-8181

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