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About the Supplier

The Asahi Breweries aims to satisfy its customers with the highest levels of quality and integrity,while contributing to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide.
Our focus is to further cultivate our mainstay ASAHI SUPER DRY brand.

In addition to ongoing campaigns to improve the quality of draft beer in restaurants and the freshness of products in stores, we will enact a variety of sales promotion measures throughout the year in the home-consumption market. With these continued advertising and sales floor programs, we hope to share knowledge of the delicious flavor and beverage value of ASAHI SUPER DRY with the public.

In the beer business, we further reinforce the development of mainstay brands with ASAHI SUPER DRY and Clear Asahi as its core brands. In other alcoholic beverages business, Asahi Breweries aims to develop and strengthen brands in each category and expand its presence.


Asahi Super Dry 0.0%