Peroni gathers momentum heading into summer

Peroni gathers momentum heading into summer


Peroni gathers momentum heading into summer. Bolstered by its first national advertising push, a series of marketing partnerships and distribution gains, Peroni Nastro Azzurro is off to a fast start in 2019.

The Italian import is up 36.4% year-to-date through April 20, outpacing the import category more than sevenfold. And sales are accelerating: Over the most-recent four-week period, the brand is up a whopping 58.8%.

“All of this momentum comes on the launch of our new campaign, Birra Beautifully,” says Katie Feldman, marketing manager for Peroni and other MillerCoors import brands. “Our ads — especially the TV spots — are working to increase awareness and persuasion and differentiate Peroni from other import beers. Peroni is showing drinkers that it can elevate a drinking occasion that otherwise may have featured wine or spirits .”

And it made another high-profile move this week with the unveiling of an 18-story billboard in Times Square that will remain up for a month; a stunt the brand never would have attempted in the past. “This is all about taking advantage of every opportunity for Peroni to show drinkers that this is a special, unique brand that’s bringing style to the world of beer,” Feldman says.

That approach is consistently applied throughout its 2019 campaign, including television spots that feature a strong female lead and a high-end fashion and design aesthetic. They began airing on national television (a first for the brand), digital channels and social media in April and will continue throughout the summer.

Peroni this year also has had a presence at… full story at millercoorsblog.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

With style at its heart, the sleek new design draws inspiration from our rich Italian heritage. The signature of the founding father of Peroni, Giovanni Peroni, is engraved on the bottle.

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