Tsingtao Beer


Tsingtao Beer

Sometimes a beer is just a beer. This isn’t one of those times. Tsingtao’s brewmasters craft our beer with carefully selected ingredients from all over the world: yeast of German origin; barley malt from Australia, Canada and France; and high-quality hops and rice from Western China. Fresh spring water from Mount Lao is the crowning touch. The result is the perfect brew to enjoy in your kingdom…wherever you happen to be ruling at the moment.


Life is meant to be lived fully, while always staying in control and in perfect balance.

When you #LiveImperial, the phrase “fear of missing out” doesn’t apply to you…because you can’t miss out when you go all in. To #LiveImperial is to know the importance of friends and family. It’s maintaining good health, without sacrificing a good time. It’s bringing joy – to yourself and to others.

When you #LiveImperial, you want a beer that complements your lifestyle. A beer that’s versatile and can adapt to whatever you happen to be doing – and wherever you happen to be ruling at the moment.

Keep exploring fearlessly. Keep going beyond the ordinary. Keep balancing body and mind.
In other words, #LiveImperial.

Pabst Brewing Company

With over 30 beers in our portfolio, PBC is the largest American-owned brewery. Since 1844, we’ve taken pride in brewing beers that have become iconic, cherished American brands. Brands that promote regional pride, and brands that express common bonds among people all over the world.

Pabst is honored to be part of so many lives. We work tirelessly to provide worthy products and memorable experiences in local communities. Loyalty is hard to come by these days. Being your beer of choice is a great privilege, which is why we deliver nothing less than award-winning taste and quality.
Trust your good times to Pabst.


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