Habarita Margarita Mix

Habarita Margarita Mix

Made with Real Fruit Juices and Natural Flavors

Sweet, Sour and Spicy……..It’s Simply Delicious!

The cocktail with that fresh fruit flavor that goes great with tequila, vodka or even rum.

Our Story
Below is the journey of two average guys with a passion for pepper heat and margaritas. The two come together in HABARITA – the best tasting margarita mix ever made! It’s the unique drink experience your friends will keep talking about.

The Dilemma
Like just about every pepper head, I’ve been tempted by the average restaurant drink menu to order one of their so called specialty cocktails with a hot pepper twist. And like just about every pepper head I’ve ordered them only to be disappointed with heat level, flavor or both. Seems like most restaurant chains are concerned about making these drinks too spicy because they want to appeal to the masses with a rather bland attempt at a spicy cocktail. I thought to myself “someone has to make a spicy cocktail that lives up to the promise”. Time after time, drink after drink, I was disappointed. None of these drinks stood out and they certainly weren’t on my reorder list.

The Tasting
We decided it was time to experiment. Was it that too much hot pepper mixed with a sweet drink just didn’t taste good together or was it the concern of making these drinks too spicy and losing mass appeal? I decided to head out to the supermarket and experiment. I grabbed a few habanero peppers, some cilantro, some limes and one of those popular stock margarita mixes sitting on the shelf. We had a party planned with friends and family, so this seemed like a good time to test things out. Knowing my father-in-law and brother-in-law are all in for hot and spicy foods, I asked them if they wanted to give a habanero margarita a try. An excuse to indulge in alcohol? I had to twist their arms, but they were in!

The Recipe
I cut off a few small pieces of habanero added some fresh cilantro and muddled all of that together with a wedge of lime. I added some ice and topped it off with some tequila and some stock margarita mix. The result was a sweet and sour beginning followed by an addictive back of the mouth burn at the finish. The combination was surprisingly good and everything we anticipated a spicy margarita could be. Several drinks later, our lips still tingling, we realized we stumbled onto something really good. It became a regular specialty drink at parties and just about everyone who tried it was drawn to it. We soon realized that this wasn’t just another mixed drink, it had character, personality, even a following. People wanted more and we wanted to give it to them.

First, we had to come up with our own margarita recipe. Tweaking the lemon, the lime and sweetness. Then we added the heat. Then more heat, and finally even more heat. Like a good hot sauce, our recipe needed to taste good, not just pack a punch. Ginger would add another flavor perspective while adding another spicy element. The subtle hint of cilantro would provide a smooth finish that would carry through the burn. The taste and heat were right on the money.

Now the drink mix needed a name. After what seemed like hundreds of attempts at catchy phrases and complex hyphenations, our father-in-law proclaimed “How about HABARITA? It’s a HAB-anero Marg-ARITA, after all.” Of course it was. So simple, so descriptive. It was perfect!

After 9 months of research and formulation, HABARITA was born! It hit the market with the same excitement we got from friends and family. One taste and everyone knew that there was nothing else like it. Great taste, big flavor and spicy heat!

“Dare to be Different”
Now you can enjoy a refreshing, spicy HABARITA in three awesome flavors. Original Lemon/Lime, Peach and Watermelon. All with that same fresh fruit flavor that go great with tequila, vodka or rum.

Habarita Margarita Mix

More at habarita.mysimplestore.com

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