Clubtails Mango Margarita

Sweet nectar meets Margarita – this perfect pairing is undeniable.



Clubtails Mango Margarita

Clubtails Mango Margarita is a delicious taste of mango mingled with the classic taste of a Margarita, you’ll experience the ultimate tropical getaway as soon as you start sipping this cocktail! Sweet nectar meets Margarita – this perfect pairing is undeniable. Drinking this flavored malt beverage is perfect for a day of lounging or for a night with friends. Enjoy with a lime wedge or slice of mango, salted or sugared rim optional! There’s nothing better!


Clubtails was launched in 2013 with four original flavors of Sex on the Beach, Bahama Mama, Screwdriver and Long Island Ice Tea. The product is designed to appeal to the consumer that likes sweeter drinks but want more alcohol content 10% than the traditional flavored malt beverage. The cocktail flavor profiles have a clean, refreshing taste based on a quality malt base.


Someone once told us that you can’t CAN a party. Well, we can CAN it. And we did. Eight kinds of party, in fact. We call them Clubtails. You can call them awesomesauce. Miraculous as it may seem, there now exists a range of perfectly blended cocktails in ready-to-drink, single-serve cans. Crazy. Yeah, we know. Think it’s impossible to get perfect cocktails from a can? You carry on thinking that – the rest of us are ready to party. Ditch the dreary. Sip on some awesome

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