Faxe 10% Strong Lager

Faxe 10% is a strong beer with 10% alcohol.
Faxe Premium Lager sell sheet

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Faxe 10% is the best strong beer for the best price.

Faxe 10% is a strong beer with 10% alcohol. The slight sweetness combined with the high alcohol percentage results in a balanced product with a vinous taste. Faxe 10% is free of additives and, unlike other very strong beers, it contains no added alcohol. The high alcohol content is achieved through standard brewing techniques.It is easily drinkable and an excellent alternative to drinks and cocktails.

Faxe 10% – strong lager beer imported from Denmark


Starting in 1901 the Faxe Saga has been over a century-long voyage of discovery. In the course of this adventure we have skilfully blended our passion for quality with our ambition to create the very best in refreshing and flavourful beers and soft drinks. We have grown from a small family business with a vision into one of the most recognisable and trusted Danish brands, our logo becoming the embodiment of the Viking qualities of strength, reliability and honesty along the way.

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Since 1901 in Faxe, Denmark, we have been brewing our beers with the same dedication to quality, strength and passion that beat in the heart of every one of our Viking ancestors.

The same spirit of adventure as our illustrious forebears has led us to proudly export these beers to over 70 countries, sharing our dedication for the very best in beers with lovers of quality all over the world.

There’s a Faxe beer for every taste and for every occasion. Your own saga of taste discovery starts here.

In 1989, Faxe Bryggeri merged with Jyske Bryggerier to form Denmark’s second largest brewery company, now known as Royal Unibrew. In 1997-98, Faxe was expanded with a new basement building with tanks, which can hold up to 600,000 litres and a new can line, which can tap 90,000 cans per hour. In 1999, DKK 115 million were invested in a high-tech and fully automated multi-storey warehouse with room for 18,500 pallets


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