New Holland Watermelon Spritz

Start your spring off right with the beautiful flavors of our Watermelon Spritz!



New Holland Watermelon Spritz

Ale With Watermelon & Seltzer

One half seltzer, one half sparkling ale, one half watermelon. You got that right, three halves means more bubbles and more flavor all packed into a crisp and refreshing beverage. Start your spring off right with the beautiful flavors of our Watermelon Spritz!

How It’s Made
We first brew a beer with wheat and barley that is high in fruity esters. Then we add natural watermelon and a ton of seltzer for one fantastic spritz!

Bubbly, crisp and slightly tart with the unmistakable flavors of watermelon

COLOR Blonde
BODY Light/Crushable
HOPS Nugget/Cascade
ALC/VOL 4.3%

New Holland Brewing

New Holland Brewing Company’s deep roots in the craft industry go back to 1997. Their role as an integral member of the artisan approach is something they take seriously, yet engage lightheartedly.

New Holland Brewing believes the art of craft lives in fostering rich experiences for their customers, through creating authentic beer, spirits and food while providing great service. Recognized for their creativity and artistry, New Holland’s mission to improve the lives of craft consumers everywhere is seen in their diverse, balanced collection of beer and spirits.

America’s #1 Selling Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout

New Holland brews and distills at three locations in Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan: their production facility on the north side; their Pub & Restaurant in downtown Holland; their brewpub and distillery; The Knickerbocker, on Grand Rapids’ West Side. The two restaurants, including retail spaces, welcome guests seven days a week and production tours are on Saturday afternoons. They welcome visitors and locals alike, and appreciate the opportunity to share their artisan approach through warm hospitality and enriching education.

With over 400 employees, New Holland Brewing Co. sells its beer and spirits across 38 states and 4 countries. In 2015, their production facility underwent substantial development including the tripling of their brewing capacity through additional indoor and outdoor fermentation, new keg line, expansion of the Dragon’s Milk cellar, additional refrigerated warehouse space, a new wash and column still, new shipping docks, and increased manpower, among other enhancements.

New Holland’s company values are simple but rooted deeply in craftsmanship and artistry: People, Teams & Collaboration, Artistry, Quality, Profitability, and Ambition.

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