Rebel Hard Coffee Winter Wonderland Hard Latte Variety Pack

The Perfect First Drink.



Rebel Hard Coffee Winter Wonderland Hard Latte Variety Pack

Kick off this holiday season the right way, with THE PERFECT FIRST DRINK. Twelve5’s Rebel Hard Coffee is smooth and creamy with a barroom kick. For your night in or your night out.

There’s a little REBEL in all of us.

100% Arabica Coffee
ABV: 5.0%


We all have that little voice inside of us that dares us to be different. To break the rules. To fight the familiar. It’s the voice that tells us to let it go, to take a chance, to do something extraordinary. It fuels our sense of adventure and pushes us to choose our own path and live life our own way.

The journey of REBEL Hard Coffee began with a history of artisanal coffee roasting, and a quest for new and different. Much like others, we love coffee, but we also thrive in social settings. We wanted coffee with a “kick,” something more than your typical morning cup of joe and afternoon pick me up. We wanted that coffeehouse experience for all our favorite social moments – even those that extended late into the evening.

REBEL ‘Hard’ Coffee was our solution. A coffeehouse beverage that takes you anywhere where you want to go. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed vibe or want to keep the party going. REBEL pairs with any occasion – the perfect punch at brunch, unwinding after work, or your next tailgate party.

REBEL Hard Lattes and Hard Cold Brew offer a distinctively delicious choice when you’re looking to free yourself from boring.

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