Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser IPA

We use an abundant amount of hops at two key stages during this brew’s creation, totaling over 5lbs. per barrel.



Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser IPA

Bold, citrusy, and piney, our double IPA isn’t just a bigger version of Rebel IPA. Instead we explored a different balance of hop character, including Bravo & Galaxy hops, and upped the ante on their flavor and expression for a brew that’s intense yet enjoyable through every sip.

A bigger, bolder brew, our Double IPA showcases hop flavor above just bitterness. Deep amber with a slight haze, the bright citrus, grapefruit and piney notes of the West Coast hops come through immediately in the aroma and follows through in the flavor. The hop character deepens with hints of apricot, tangerine, and spice. The hop complexity is balanced and accented by the subtle sweetness of pale malts and alcohol strength for a big, flavorful brew.

We use an abundant amount of hops at two key stages during this brew’s creation, totaling over 5lbs. per barrel. In the kettle the hops add bitterness but Bravo and Galaxy hops also create a floral and fruity character with notes of red fruits that add to the classic piney citrus flavor of IPAs. To add further hop complexity and personality we use a large dose of dry hopping featuring Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe®, and Zeus hops. Together, these hops build the intensity of grapefruit, citrusy and piney notes that define this brew but also offer subtler hints of fruit, tangerine, and earthy spice.

India Pale Ales were first created in the 18th century as highly hopped ales to make long voyages to British colonies. Little did they know the extent to which Craft brewers would run with the idea. Today, Craft brewers have adopted the IPA style but taken it to completely new directions from Black IPAs to Belgians to Whites IPAs and beyond. In typically American fashion, Craft brewers upped the flavor and strength too in creating Double/Imperial versions designed to highlight hop character through their bold intensity.

Samuel Adams Rebel Rouser IPA

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