Samuel Adams Winter Classics Variety Pack 2020

The beers you can’t get through the winter without, all wrapped in the Samuel Adams Winter Classics variety pack.



Samuel Adams Winter Classics 2020

Samuel Adams Winter Classics
The beers you can’t get through the winter without, all wrapped in the Samuel Adams Winter Classics variety pack.

Winter Lager
For colder nights, lean on Winter Lager, a crisp bock with citrus and spices. The clementine orange aroma is especially refreshing during holiday meals and celebrations.

Holiday White Ale
The +1 for all your festive occasions. Holiday White Ale uses orange peel and holiday spices for citrusy flavor and a crisp, warm finish.

American IPA
Intense, juicy and full of citrus flavor. American IPA emphasizes a unique blend of hop varieties for a light golden look and clean finish.

Holiday Porter
Deep, rich and roasted malt balanced with traditional English Ale hops and German Noble hops. The dark, ruby-black look of Holiday Porter makes it perfect for those long winter nights.

Boston Lager
Does it get any more classic? Bold, rich & complex, Boston Lager is a perfectly balanced original.

Sam ’76
The most refreshing beer from Samuel Adams, Sam ’76 is a light, citrusy beer with a clean finish.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams Home For Research And Development

The Boston Brewery is where all of our beers get their start, with the exception of Boston Lager, which was born in our founder Jim Koch’s kitchen. It is the smallest of our three breweries (the others are in Cincinnati, OH and Lehigh Valley, PA – Please note these two breweries are not open for public tours/tastings.) but it is the most important. The Boston Brewery is akin to a test kitchen – it’s where we try out new ingredients, and brew specialty beers that are available only in the Boston area or in our Brewery tasting rooms. When you visit us for a tour, you may have the opportunity to try a beer that you’ll never get to try again or maybe one that you’ll be able to pick up in a six-pack a year down the road. We’re constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of brewing to make sure that from the ingredients to the glass, every pint of Samuel Adams beer is as good (if not better) than the last.

The Boston Beer Company is America’s leading brewer…

The Boston Beer Company is America’s leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavored craft beers. Founder and Brewer, Jim Koch, brews Samuel Adams® craft beers using the time honored traditional four-vessel brewing process, and the world’s finest all-natural ingredients. With over 30 distinctive, award-winning styles of craft beer, Samuel Adams offers discerning beer drinkers a variety of brews. The brewery has won more awards in international beer tasting competitions in the last five years than any other craft beer brewery in the world.

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