5 Hour Energy Orange Slice

About the Item

The taste that takes you back
Remember when you were a kid? When the most important things in life included chasing the neighborhood ice cream truck? Nothing sounded more exciting than the tinny music from its crackling, muffled speaker.

But now you’re an adult. You’ve got a job. Responsibilities. You don’t have the time to run after vehicles — and it would be a little creepy if you did. So do the socially acceptable alternative: Crack open a zero-calorie, sugar-free OrangeSicle Flavor 5-hour ENERGY® drink.

With an unbeatable flavor combination
It combines creamy flavor with the juicy taste of ripe oranges and the mouthfeel of a carbonated beverage. Plus, it has vitamins, nutrients, and 230 mg of caffeine to give you the boost you need after a long, hard day.

So down a few gulps. Taste the flavor and feel the refreshment. You’ll be ready to tackle it all again tomorrow. But today? Have an OrangeSicle 5-hour ENERGY drink.