Lone Star

About the Item

Lone Star Beer uses the finest hops from the Pacific Northwest with hearty grains from the Central and Northern Plains. Malted barley and corn extract combine to provide Lone Star with nature’s finest ingredients for brewing. Lone Star’s ingredients give this beer its full natural flavor. The choicest hops lend complexity and aroma to this beer, and its proprietary mashing regimen creates the perfect balance of alcohol, body, and character.

12 oz.

The Lone Star Brewing Company originated in San Antonio on 200 West Jones Street, and produced its first beer in 1884. The brewery made several different labels at first, including Buck, Erlanger, Cabinet, Alamo, and Standard. The Lone Star Brewery prospered until Prohibition with sales of as much as 65,000 barrels of lager beer annually.

After the closure of the brewery due to Prohibition, a new facility under the name Sabinas Brewing Company was constructed at 600 Lone Star Boulevard in San Antonio in 1933. In 1939, the brewery switched gears again, and for a short time operated under name to the Champion Brewing Company until 1940, at which time it was purchased by the Muchlebach Brewing Company of Kansas City, Missouri. That company instantly re-branded itself as the Lone Star Brewing Company, the original name of the brewery, and began producing Lone Star beer for the first time in 1940. After 56 years, the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio shuttered in 1996, but Pabst Brewing Company purchased the labels in 1999 and continues to produce Lone Star beer locally in Texas.

Lone Star: “The National Beer of Texas”