Spirit Bomb Whiskey

About the Item

Produced and bottled in Ireland, SPIRIT Bomb is an exciting new addition to the VINDAGRA portfolio. As the name says, this is a spiced spirit drink which satisfies the growing trend for this type of product in the spirits market. Targeted at the young sophisticated consumer, SPIRIT Bomb combines a cheeky, piratical visual, and a reference in Japanese especially fo the popular sushi consumer, that creates a momorable packaging statement.

Inside the bottle, SPIRIT Bomb is an exciting blend of smooth Irish Whiskey and authentic Dutch Vodka. The clever mix of spices, in which anise, cinnamon and vanilla predominate, delivers the spicy bit to Spirit Bomb’s flavour. However there is an overall smoothness to this product which is helped by the relatively low alcohol content of 35% alc/vol. For maximum enjoyment, drink SPIRIT Bomb straight, on the rocks or spice up your cola.