Wenneker Elderflower Dry Gin

About the Item

“A classic dry gin with a refreshing flourish of elderflower”. Read all about it at www.elderflowerdrygin.com.

Wenneker Distilleries have been known for their high quality Genevers (Dutch Gin). New to the range is Wenneker Elderflower Dry Gin; created from 6 distillates; Juniper berries, Lime-tree blossom, Lemon, Orange, Coriander and Elderflower.

Apart from pure water and the craftsman’s passion nothing else is added. The result is a fresh, clear gin with the delicate taste of Elderflowers. Drink with tonic, as a Martini or in your favourite cocktail.

Tasting notes:
Nose: classic juniper and coriander, with a touch of zesty citrus and a flourish of elderflower.
Taste: this is a full flavoured gin with the rich mouthfeel of elderflower. Tones of coriander and juniper load onto a burst of citrus, followed by the emerging floral notes, a touch more citrus, a hint of vanilla and then the dry, fragrant elderflower.

Our Elderflower Dry Gin has been awared various prestigious medals:

* SILVER in The Gin Masters 2019 – in the category Contemporary style