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Cerveza Hatuey

About the Supplier

Welcome to Hatuey, the legendary Cuban-born craft beer for people with an appetite for life and adventure. To discover Hatuey is to discover a beer as refreshing as the cool island breeze brushing against your face. Hatuey is for those who sway to the beat of a different drum, who have big families, loud laughs, and palates that never settle. If that’s you, welcome.

Since 1914, Hatuey has been challenging the way people think about their beer, because a quality beer makes all the difference. Hatuey is about creating real connections with a cold one in your hand. But not just any cold one. Experience a great-tasting beer that carries the passion, magic, and contagious energy of Cuban culture.

Welcome to the family. We’ve been waiting for you.


Cerveza Hatuey Lager