Fun Wine

About the Supplier

Inspired by the hip vibes and sultry breeze of Miami, Friends Fun Wine is a delicious, low-alcohol flavored wine drink that boasts a variety of award-winning flavors, and award-winning packaging, by world-renowned artist Miguel Paredes.

In addition to the product name, FUN WINE is also the new and popular beverage category we’ve created. Now available in 750ml bottles and 250ml cans, FUN WINE is what it says it is… Quite simply and literally, Fun Wine IS Fun Wine! Now available in select areas of North America, Europe and Asia, with new cities and countries being added to the FUN every day. Fun Wine is the perfect drink for all seasons, best enjoyed chilled or over ice, indoor and out, with old friends and new friends alike.

Yes! Fun Wine products are Gluten free!

Fun Wine is a carbonated, flavored wine made from premium grapes.


Fun Wine Variety

Fun Wine Strawberry Moscator

Fun Wine Sangria

Fun Wine Peach Moscato

Fun Wine Espresso Cabernet

Fun Wine Coco Chardonnay

Fun Wine Cappuccino Chardonnay