Lorina Blood Orange

Lorina Blood Orange is a slightly bitter sparkling blood orange mixed with organic cane sugar to create the perfect beverage.



Lorina Artisanal Sparkling Blood Orange

Lorina Blood Orange is a rich and rounded but slightly bitter sparkling blood orange mixed with organic cane sugar to create the perfect beverage for orange fanatics.

Artisanal Lorina Blood Orange

Lorina’s sparkling lemonade is the perfect drink for everyone who values the authentic in life. A delicious way to refresh body and spirit. Taste the difference with a flavor for every style.

The name Lorina was perfect because it sounded similar to the “Lorraine” region and celebrated the heroes who sacrificed their lives to free Europe during WWII.

Victor & Ernest were cautious at first with using the new brand name. Only putting it on the doors of their factory truck in a small blue print. Fairly quickly the name “Lorina” became more visible on labels. Traditions being sacred in Lorraine, to this day, the Mechanical top glass bottles are engraved with a drawing of Munster’s iconic village church.


The workers at the Munster factory are still following Maitre Victor’s iconic original recipes. One can compare them to talented Jazzmen who are able to create and improvise a symphony of new flavors based on the masterpiece originally created by Victor Geyer. In 1997, Lorina won the award for the best beverage at the International Gourmet Tradeshow in New York.

Groundbreaking since 1895. Lorina’s Artisan Limonadiers still thrive to create new flavors & beverages while staying close to the original values of the Limonaderie.

Life is all about balance and so is the craftsmanship Artisan Limonadiers: precise maneuvers, an Artisanal know-how transmitted from one generation to the next , a few grams of sugar, Fresh lemons . These are the ingredients of creating an exquisite lemonade and capturing happiness in a bottle.


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